Accuro releases new transcription software Accuro Express

Accuro is proud to announce the launch of Accuro Express, a new, absolutely free application, designed to give customers a more efficient way to upload audio files.

The free system improves the way customers can send dictations online, in terms of functionality and security. The new software includes a simple to use interface allowing users to drag and drop multiple files onto a desktop server helping to streamline the workflow process.

Pop up notifications and instant messaging has been added to keep the user up to date and fully informed of how the process is going as well as the ability for them to send questions and queries

Many sectors who record sensitive information need assurance that their files will stay secure; Accuro Express has incorporated a 256 bit SSL to help create a secure environment for file transfers. This level of safety makes the application perfect for those in the medical and legal sectors, who dictate intensively and are handling sensitive information.

The software itself is free from day one of release and also includes a management information reporting function and a searchable archive of completed documents for customers.

Helen Healiss, Managing Director of Accuro says that “the new Accuro Express system is now up and running and the feedback has been amazing. It is testament to Accuro’s goal of becoming the forerunner in UK based transcription”.

For more information on Accuro Express and how we can help you with digital dictation and outsourced digital transcription solutions, please get in touch with our team by using the contact form or calling our team on 01744 758111.

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