Accuro’s Account Managers – What do they do?

Put simply, an Account Manager is there as a helping hand through the process of using an outsourced transcription provider.

From the initial enquiry, all our clients are provided with a designated Account Manager. Outsourcing transcription can be quite a daunting prospect for those who have never done it before, so the role of an Account Manager is to explain the process and implement it as smoothly as possible.

Is it secure? How much does it cost? How do I send my dictation to you? Where do the completed documents go back to? All our clients will have asked themselves these questions (and more!) prior to contacting Accuro, and their uncertainty may have even put them off from doing so! An Account Manager’s role is to ensure all the client’s questions are answered and that the client understands the process and where their work will be at all times.

The way an Account Manager interacts with their client changes based upon the needs of that client. For example, if it is a one-off piece of work that needs transcribing, we understand that the client does not necessarily want to hear all our data protection accreditations etc. and we will give them the basics and answer any queries they may have. However, our Account Managers are also versed in dealing with procurement prerequisites and contractual changes. An Account Manager is your point of contact for any transcription issue or query.

A basic example of a day-to-day interaction an Account Manager may have with their clients could be as follows.

A Practice Manager of a GP Surgery needs a letter for a patient typing urgently as the patient is due to be seen the same day. They will call their Account Manager to let them know and the audio file will be moved to the top of the transcribers’ task list.  The Account Manager will then contact the transcriber to make them aware of the urgency of the file. The client will then be updated, and the file will be prioritised.

An Account Manager is also there to receive feedback on the work completed, good or bad. This is then interpreted by the editing team and then fed back to the transcribers trained on the account with the overall goal of having all transcribers completing the work to the desired requirement.

Overall, our Account Managers are the friendly faces who guide you through the transcription process, whether you are familiar with it or you’ve never outsourced before.  There are no silly questions and they always do their best to help in any way they can

If you have any questions or queries, or if you would like to find out more about the service itself, call one of our Account Managers on 01565 748 000!

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