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Japanese Translation

Background: Avalere Health

Established in 2001 and headquartered in the UK, Avalere Health‘s 1,500+ healthcare experts unite from advisory to execution, across the product lifecycle — from pre-clinical to post-launch. 

Avalere Health have a long-standing relationship with Accuro and have utilised Accuro’s medical transcription service and meeting transcription services in the past. 

The Requirement: Japanese Translation

In 2024, Avalere Health contacted Accuro with seven videos of a patient discussing methods of itching and relieving anxiety. The patient was speaking in Japanese and Accuro was tasked to translate these videos to English.

Matthew Harrison, Managing Director, Accuro Matthew Harrison, Managing Director, Accuro

Accuro's skills matrix identified a number of Japanese translation specialists, and narrowed it down to those with experience in healthcare with a speciality in psychiatry and anxiety. The files were assigned between these translators to ensure turnaround within an agreed time frame.

Avalere Health received the translated and transcribed documents in English and have this to support the ongoing research project. Avalere Health continue to utilise Accuro as an outsourced transcription and translation support to their medical writing service. 

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