Can Lexacom Files be Played in Other Software?

Information on Lexacom files working with other dictation software.

As you may already know, Accuro has been working for over a year in partnership with Lexacom, a leading provider of digital dictation and workflow management software.

You may not know that Lexacom files can only be played using Lexacom software. At Accuro, Lexacom users are able to send their dictation to us where their files can be played for transcription. This is because Lexacom’s new v3 software is fully integrated with Accuro, allowing us to produce accurate documents with ease. Lexacom’s v2.3 software can also be used in conjunction with our upload system.

To provide more variety with the system you can use, we partner with both BigHand and WinScribe, giving us the ability to play these files too. Winscribe is a supplier of digital dictation technology, providing solutions for Healthcare, Financial, Legal, Government and other industries. With Winscribe Exporter customers can export work to any global location, which is valuable for us as a transcription service company.

BigHand supports digital dictation users across the professional services and public sectors. Accuro is part of the BigHand Outsourcing Partner Program meaning we can accept work from a BigHand system.  Customers can submit voice files directly to us via the BigHand Outsourcing Module.

This gives digital dictation customers more flexibility and an opportunity to outsource transcriptions during busy periods and in the event of illness or holidays of their secretaries. Outsourcing your transcription service is a great way to back up your in-house secretary team or as a long term approach.

As a high quality transcription service, we’re really proud of our outsourcing partnerships and giving customers an efficient way to simplify the dictation process.

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