Greenbank Surgery – Case study

Greenbank Surgery

Greenbank Surgery talks about how flexible outsourcing helps them cover for busy periods.

Greenbank Surgery is a Good to Outstanding CQC rated general practice surgery in Warrington whose skilled staff look after hundreds of local patients as well as overseeing a range of community-based healthcare support and welfare programmes.

The surgery employs a core team of three administrators who provide a range of secretarial and clerical services, supporting 10 doctors and practice nurses – tasks include typing-up referral letters and medical notes, alongside a range of other administrative duties.

The support the team provides usually meets the needs of a bustling general practice however, swelling patient numbers and busy periods led practice manager Gwen Green to turn to the benefits of outsourced secure medical typing services provided Accuro.

ISO 27001 accredited Accuro delivers its services via a national network of more than 400 professional transcribers working in a safe and secure environment. The company operates a hub to enable healthcare providers to safely submit dictation for transcribing. Once completed, the document can then be uploaded back to the hub where it can be securely accessed.

Greenback Surgery has been using Accuro’s services since October 2015 after being referred by digital dictation workflow provider, Lexacom. The move has seen Gwen and her team take advantage of the flexibility outsourcing provides, using an external transcription service to cover peak periods or high volumes of work.

This has ensured that service and quality levels are maintained for transcription work that can vary from typing up a few lines of text to the production of longer, more complex technical documents.

Gwen Green says that Accuro’s service is very efficient, supportive and enables her to ensure that transcription work is turned around as quickly as possible, usually in less than 24 hours.

Depending on volume, investment in the service can be cost effective – less than £350 per month during the busier periods – and because it can be accessed quickly and easily, as and when required, the service also eliminates overtime costs when urgent deadlines have to be met.

“Using an outsourced service definitely helps us to keep on top of high work volumes and knowing that the work Accuro’s transcribers deliver will be of the highest quality standards, it certainly provides peace-of-mind during busy times at the surgery.

“While it’s difficult to quantify, the quick turnaround and reliability definitely provides cost and time saving benefits when compared to hiring in temporary staff to cover busy times, staff shortages or holiday periods.”

Investment in an outsourced service from a reputable provider can deliver significant cost savings says Accuro when compared to using in-house typing services – up to 35% a year.

For example, the firm calculates that employing a full time medical typist could typically cost upwards of £24,000 per year when salary, NI and other employment costs are taken into account. An external ‘pay as you go’ service, where there’s no fixed costs or other staff costs, could be as low as £15,000 – a cost saving of £9,000.

Gwen Green says she will continue to use Accuro, benefitting from the high standard of work. She adds: “Using the system to send dictations is straightforward and the way in which we can vary the amount of work depending on our work levels, certainly suits our needs.”

Accuro has more than 15 years’ experience within the UK medical transcription sector.  For a free, no obligation trial of the service call our team now on 01744 758111 or get in touch here.






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