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Foundry Healthcare

Background: Foundry Healthcare Lewes

Foundry Healthcare Lewes, an NHS Primary Care Network, is the new name for Lewes’ four surgeries servicing over 28,000 patients providing GP and other healthcare services in Lewes and surrounding areas.


The requirement: Backlog situation

Sam Evenden, Practice Manager, Foundry Healthcare Lewes, had heard of Accuro’s expert medical transcription services from a fellow practice manager at another surgery from a local PCN. 

Foundry Healthcare Lewes found themselves in a dictation backlog situation and requested information on how Accuro can help solve this issue. 

The solution: Lexacom integration

Foundry Healthcare Lewes is integrated with Lexacom, Accuro’s digital dictation partner providing a simple technical integration between the two services. 

The integration was setup in five minutes, and Foundry Healthcare were able to easily utilise Accuro as if it was an extension of their own typing pool.

No change to process and a seamless extension to their typing pool made sending the backlog to Accuro a five-minute job. 

Matthew Harrison, Managing Director, Accuro Matthew Harrison, Managing Director, Accuro

Sam was really happy with the quality of the transcription which is testament to our expert medical transcribers. The backlog was quickly turned around in a couple of days which wouldn't have been possible without external resource. Sam intends to utilise Accuro's medical transcription service as required moving forward.

For more information on Accuro’s medical transcription service, click here or get in touch to find out how easy it can be to clear your dictation backlog.

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