Guide to dictation & transcription whilst working remotely

If you work remotely and are unable to access your usual transcription service, this practical guide may assist your organisation with throughput of work.

I need a dictation device

The quickest solution here is to use your smartphone with a dictation app.  This will be the cheapest option and will work very well as a short-term solution.  Longer term you may find that your phone ringing mid-dictation is an unwanted distraction, but certainly as an interim solution it works well.

There is an app available on the app store called Dictate + Connect which works well on iPhone and Android.  You do need to download a recording app to your smartphone because the built-in recorder won’t compress or encrypt your dictations making them too big and unsecure to send for transcription.

Click here to find out more about Dictate + Connect

Professional range of voice recorders

If you prefer to use a professional voice recorder then the leading manufacturers have a range of products available on their websites.  Olympus and Philips are well known in this market sector and have a variety of recorders to suit your budget.

Here are a couple of examples of the products available.  The first is a plug-in recorder which remains attached to your PC or laptop.  The second is a mobile dictation device suitable for people who need to move between different office locations for example.


Click the below links to find out more:

Desktop voice recorder

Mobile voice recorder


I need to send my dictation to my secretary at home

Your secretary will need a transcription kit with a foot pedal and software.  The most common transcription kits available from Olympus and Philips are the Olympus AS-9000 series and the Philips SpeechExec transcription kits.

There is also an option to download the Express Scribe software, but you would need to buy a compatible foot pedal separately, for example the Infinity foot pedal.

Infinity USB Foot Pedal Controller (In-usb-2) | Transcription Foot ...

I want to outsource my dictation to be transcribed

Choose a transcription partner with experience in your specialist sector.  Here is how we can help you at Accuro:

We will provide you with secure software so that you can send your dictation across to our transcribers at the click of a button.  The service operates on a pay-as-you-go basis meaning you can use us as often or infrequently as you need to.  Next day turnaround is standard, and a priority service is available for more urgent correspondence.  We can be contacted via any of the channels below:

Call:                      01565 748000


Contact Form:


I use a dictation workflow system; how do I access outsourcing?

Accuro is an approved integration partner to the major dictation workflow providers such as Lexacom, Crescendo and BigHand.  We can probably talk you through the process, so feel free to contact our technical team in the first instance and we will see if we can help.

Call:                       01565 748000


Contact Form:


If you prefer to talk to Lexacom to quickly activate your Accuro integration, here are their contact details:

Call:                      01295 236910 (option 3 for technical and helpdesk support)


Digital Dictation - Transcription Software Solutions - Lexacom


If you prefer to talk to Bighand here are their contact details:

Call:                       0207 940 5900

Contact Form:


If you prefer to talk to Crescendo here are their contact details:

Call:                       01932 789433 (option 2 for support)


Contact Form:

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