Hiring Temporary Staff -vs- Outsourcing: Cost, Time and Quality

A large part of being a Practice Manager is the responsibility to act in the best interests of the organisation in terms of cost, time and quality of work.  It is important for them to establish whether their GP Surgery or Law Firm is best suited to hiring a temporary member of staff or using an outsourced secretarial service.  There are many factors to consider, but the main three are as follows:



With Accuro having former recruitment experience amongst the ranks, we know just how quickly you can get a temporary secretary placed within a business; however, this is simply just a ‘bum on a seat’.  On average, it takes a temporary member of staff 4-5 business days to be able to complete their role without regular supervision.

A good medical secretary will type as roughly 50% of their role, working efficiently and to a high standard.   This is the standard of secretary that we have at Accuro, and our pay-as-you-go model means that we are ready when you need us.  With no time required to train up members of staff, document production times are cut in half!



A recruitment agency can charge anything from £12 – £15/h for a medical secretary – an average day rate of £120.

Accuro charge £1.10 per minute of recorded dictation. An average GP Practice with a patient size of 20,000 will produce an average of 30 referrals a day.  A dictated referral can be anything from 1 – 5 minutes, depending on the patient in question. This means an average day rate of £60 per day, also potentially cutting your staff costs in half!



A temporary member of staff can come from any secretarial background, whether that be medical or not. A key part of a medical secretary’s role is to understand complex medical terminology, so it is important to consider whether or not you would want to leave this to chance.

Accuro recruit medical secretaries for medical work; it is that simple. We have a panel of over 500 medical transcribers, all with proven experience and training, and an in-house editing team who also have extensive industry knowledge and experience.

To determine what is more important for your service, consider the above aspects when choosing whether you would rather outsource or hire a temp. Our friendly team is on hand if you would like to find out more about how outsourcing your typing can be beneficial from a cost, time and quality perspective.


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