Lexacom & Accuro give relief to Westcourt Medical Centre

Westcourt Medical Centre: Case study

Clair Witcher, Practice Manager at Westcourt Medical Centre, tells us how using Lexacom and Accuro, is allowing them to have a more balanced work lifestyle.

Clair was recommended by another practice in their area to see how the Lexacom 3 software was creating a more efficient process in their surgery. It struck a real chord with Clair and she immediately arranged for a demo so her colleagues could see what she’d been shown.

Feeling reassured from the beginning with how the software would work, the entire team were more than impressed and, so much so, they signed up for Lexacom 3 straight away.

Clair Witcher commented “There was no need for us to take up the offer of the 30-day trial. We were filled with confidence as to how the software would help us manage our workload and make our working practices more efficient right from the outset”.

Westcourt looks after 12,000 patients, cared for by 9 GPs, 8 nurses and a team of Administration and Medical Secretaries. Having previously used the traditional cassette tapes to dictate on, the team, who between them have around 15 years of medical administration experience, took to Lexacom 3 like a duck to water.

“We are really pleased with the ease of use, and it is well regarded by our GPs. The tracking, from dictation to dispatch, is really useful for us. We’ve had no big IT problems and it links well to our clinical software, SystmOne. Any teething problems we had to begin with were dealt with quickly by Lexacom’s Support Service Team.”

Work/Life Balance

Not long after installing Lexacom 3, Westcourt medical centre signed up with Accuro who offer outsourced transcription services. Fully integrated with the Lexacom 3 software, Westcourt can choose to use Accuro’s services as and when they need to, depending on their workload and staff.

“Outsourcing has been easy and user friendly. Being able to use the service and send across dictations happened within an hour of us signing up with Accuro! We have two Medical Secretaries in our team and there are often times when one of them is on holiday or we simply have a lot of work on. To manage the workload, we just send them across some work to transcribe via the Lexacom user portal and it’s returned within 24 hours. It’s absolutely brilliant and it ensures my team feel confident that the work will be done in their absence. I give the team the freedom to manage their workload and so they decide when they choose to use Accuro for additional support. Even when I am managing their workload, I can ring Accuro and get their help!”

Clair Witcher also added that using Lexacom 3 in conjunction with Accuro now means they never lose momentum on their workload and she can be assured that her team can take a break when they need to and have the freedom to balance work with pleasure.

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