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Who are Mark Allen Group?

Mark Allen is a group of operating companies, including MA Healthcare amongst other companies in the group. With a team of over 400 talented people and a diverse portfolio of market-leading brands, digital products and events providing quality content and information services to specialist business and consumer communities.

MA Healthcare found Accuro on Google when searching for meeting transcription services.

The Requirement: Journal of Wound Care

MA Healthcare were looking for a reliable transcription service to create a transcript of a one-day meeting of nine international wound-care professionals and dermatologists. 

The meeting was setup for the Journal of Wound Care on the treatment of hidradenitis suppurativa (HS). The meeting took place in Miami on 12 March, 

MA Healthcare originally used to generate a transcript of the meeting. Due to a number of factors including clinical terminology, the resulting transcript wasn’t of sufficient accuracy to support the medical writers producing the journal.

Matthew Harrison, Managing Director, Accuro Matthew Harrison, Managing Director, Accuro

With experience in round-table discussions, and decades of experience working with dermatology professionals, this was a perfect project for Accuro.

Chris Beck (Head of Projects) and Saira Tahir both commented on the accuracy of the completed transcript and look to instruct Accuro on future projects.

For more information on Accuro’s  meeting transcription services and medical transcription services, get in touch today:

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