Optimising resources in your private practice

At the heart of any successful private practice there will be:

  • A great clinician.
  • Effective business development to develop a busy and profitable practice.
  • Reliable and efficient back office support.

To ensure a perfect patient pathway correspondence dictated by a clinician needs to be typed up swiftly so the patient is aware of any action plan and their GP can continue care in a timely manner. Traditionally, typing is done by an employed medical secretary with access to the practice’s patient administration system. With the introduction of cloud-based access to these platforms comes the option to outsource typing to a specialist UK-based medical transcription service to reduce operational costs and improve efficiency.

Considerations to be made when choosing an outsourcing provider

In private practice there is an important balance to be found between excellent patient care and remaining a profitable business. Consultants expect a service that matches the quality of the work their private secretary provides.

This comprehensive checklist will help when choosing your outsourcing provider:

Do they specialise in medical transcription?
Make sure they have transcribers with experience in your particular field of expertise.

Are they UK-based?
Off-shoring may look cheaper but is often a false economy, as the time taken to correct work produced by a non-native English speaker will very often end up costing you more overall.

How much do they charge?
A UK-based provider will usually charge by the recorded minute of dictation. This means there are no hidden costs, and you can work out the price before you send a dictation to be typed.

What is the turnaround time?
Your outsourcing provider should guarantee a next day turnaround at no extra cost.

Can they type into my practice’s patient administration system?
Your outsourcing provider should be able to type into your PAS making it a seamless integration into your document workflow.


Why Accuro?

Accuro works directly with leading software providers including MedisecPabauPrivate Practice ManagerDGL and Meddbase. With over 20 years’ experience Accuro has become the number one provider of typing solutions to private practice offering an end-to-end solution that both reduces overheads and saves time.

Our industry leading software provides a gateway to a panel of over 700 UK-based professional medical transcribers across the whole spectrum of medical specialties. Our software instantly recognises you as a customer, knows what your area of expertise is and matches your dictation to one of your pre-selected transcribers, whatever time of day you choose to upload your dictation.

Accuro very quickly began to understand the nuances of each of our consultants and provided a fast, cost-effective and accurate service.

More information can be found on our Healthcare page.  Alternatively if you would like to ask us some questions give our team a call today on 01565 748000 or via our contact us page. We’ll be happy to help.

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