Outsourced Transcription and HR

Accuracy, Impartiality and Efficiency

As a manager of a GP practice or law firm, part of your role is to make sure your staff are working to set guidelines. Failure to do so, or any other form of improper conduct, often results in a disciplinary process.

The purpose of the disciplinary process is to get to the bottom of the allegations made and to come to an informed decision as to the outcome for the employee. Due to the often sensitive nature of such discussions, it is important to have an accurate audio recording to capture what is said. This is particularly important if the case goes to a tribunal, where all claims must be supported by evidence.

Getting this right is imperative. There are two ways you can do this – the easy way or the hard way.

The hard way is to get another member of staff to take notes during the interview. However, this isn’t ideal as it leaves room for misquotations, misinterpretation, the omission of important points, and is likely to contain an element of bias if the person taking notes is familiar with those involved.

The easy and impartial way is to use a voice recorder and then send the dictation to an outsourced transcription service to type. This is the best way to ensure an accurate and honest reflection of the meeting and can be referred to at any point during the disciplinary process. Importantly, it protects both you and the employee.

Accuro’s multi-voice transcribers have a wealth of experience in typing transcripts of meetings, interviews and focus groups, whatever the topic of discussion. If you’re in need of a timely and accurate transcript of a recording, call us today on 01565 748000.

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