Spencer Private Hospitals

Spencer Private Hospitals

Background: Spencer Private Hospitals

Spencer Private Hospitals, a unique private healthcare provider wholly owned by East Kent Hospitals University Foundation Trust (EKHUFT), stands out in the healthcare sector with its commitment to generating extra income for the Trust through payment for services while reinvesting profits back into Trust hospitals. 

Spencer Private Hospitals work with SpeechWrite, a forward-thinking company, specialising in a range of cloud dictation solutions designed to cater to the flexible working needs of modern-day professionals. Their scalable solutions are suitable for various types of organisations, making them an ideal choice for healthcare institutions like Spencer Private Hospitals.

The Challenge:

Spencer Private Hospitals, like many healthcare institutions, had been grappling with a significant backlog of dictations. As a healthcare provider, accurate and timely medical transcription is crucial for providing quality care to patients. The backlog of over 800 dictations posed a considerable challenge, potentially impacting the efficiency and effectiveness of the hospitals’ operations.

The Solution: SpeechWrite and Accuro collaborate

In search of a solution to their backlog problem, Spencer Private Hospitals turned to SpeechWrite, a trusted partner of Accuro, a leading medical transcription service provider. The seamless integration between SpeechWrite and Accuro made it easy for them to initiate the process of tackling the backlog.

Accuro, a transcription specialist, recognised the urgency of the situation and swiftly mobilised their team to address the issue. With Spencer Private Hospitals’ specific needs in mind, Accuro embarked on a mission to transcribe over 800 dictations. The collaboration aimed to bring their outstanding dictations to a manageable level, enhancing the overall efficiency and patient care delivery of Spencer Private Hospitals.

Robert Williams, Operations Manager Robert Williams, Operations Manager

I would highly recommend Accuro as either a short-term or long-term solution to your typing requirement, the quality of the typing was excellent and Matthew and the team understand the assignment perfectly.

Spencer Private Hospitals Benefit from Accuro

Accuro diligently completed the extensive task of transcribing over 800 dictations for Spencer Private Hospitals. Their commitment to accuracy and timeliness was evident throughout the project. As a result, the backlog that had been looming over the healthcare institution was successfully resolved.

By clearing this backlog, Spencer Private Hospitals could regain control over their operations. The availability of accurate transcriptions of medical records and notes allowed the hospital’s medical staff to access and utilise this information more effectively, leading to improved patient care and a smoother workflow. Accuro’s expertise in transcription services, combined with SpeechWrite’s advanced technology, proved to be a powerful solution for Spencer Private Hospitals.

The collaboration between SpeechWrite and Accuro not only helped Spencer Private Hospitals manage their backlog but also contributed to their commitment to delivering high-quality healthcare services in East Kent, ultimately benefiting patients and their families.

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