Transcribing an Interview – How to Do It Well

An interview is a first-hand account of an individual’s view. Recording this information could be key to producing a report, developing research or determining who to an offer a job to, a pretty important tool for all businesses. Re-creating that record in written format could be a very useful tool when looking for a single answer to a question or analysing feedback on a new product.

Using an outsourced transcription service like Accuro’s can offer you the following benefits:

  • Get a clear transcript which can be easily deciphered and analysed;
  • Reference sections quickly with full verbatim transcripts typed as MS Word documents;
  • Provision of transcript to other parties;
  • Save on secretarial resource of in-house transcription.

How easy is it to transcribe an interview?

The following 4 step process shows you how:

  1. Author uploads dictation using our secure software, Accuro Express.
  2. Dictation is transferred using 256bit SSL encryption to a dedicated team of transcribers.
  3. Once complete, the transcript is proofread by a team of in-house editors.
  4. The transcript is then available for download from Accuro Express by the author.

How can I make my interview easy to transcribe?

  1. Use a professional voice recorder. A smart phone just won’t produce the same quality recording.
  2. Place the recorder near to the people speaking.
  3. Close any doors, windows etc. to try and keep background noise to a minimum.

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