University Hospitals Sussex Case Study

Efficient and accurate transcription services are crucial for hospitals to streamline their operations.

Today, we discuss the successful partnership between Accuro and University Hospital Sussex (UHS), a merged hospital network consisting of Western Sussex Hospitals and Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals.

Accuro tailored a transcription solution which has revolutionised the workflow efficiency for UHS, enabling seamless documentation and improved patient care.

The Challenge:

UHS faced the challenge of managing a large volume of dictations across various departments spread across their two main hospital sites.

UHS utilised an on-premises typing pool for all departments, with BigHand dictation system. This posed limitations on integrating with outsourced transcription service providers. 

The Solution:

Accuro partnered with UHS in January 2023 to address their transcription needs comprehensively.

Accuro’s existing BigHand integration, and team of expert medical transcribers and advanced technology infrastructure seamlessly integrated with UHS’s existing processes, enabling a streamlined and efficient transcription workflow.

Accuro's Approach:

  1. Department-Specific Transcription:
    Accuro identified each department, and matched these departments with specialised transcribers in these disciplines. 

  2. Continuous Collaboration and Feedback Loop:
    Accuro established a continuous feedback loop with UHS, fostering open communication and understanding their evolving needs. Regular service reviews are conducted to ensure the transcription service consistently met UHS’s expectations.

  3. Seamless Integration:
    Despite UHS’s BigHand dictation system, and multi-site department setup, Accuro worked closely with the hospital’s IT team to develop a seamless integration plan. 

  4. Future Roadmap:
    Accuro and UHS intend to fully integrate into UHS’s Electronic Health Records, to enable full end-to-end support, inputting documentation directly into patient records.
Matthew Harrison, Accuro Matthew Harrison, Accuro

Working with existing integrations for UHS has been really great. Creating a roadmap of how both organisations want the relationship to develop bodes well for reducing and eradicating NHS typing backlogs for good.

By partnering with Accuro, UHS experienced a significant improvement in workflow efficiency. Accuro’s expertise and streamlined processes reduced turnaround times and enhanced the overall productivity of UHS staff.

Accuro’s accurate and timely transcription services enabled healthcare professionals at UHS to focus more on patient care. The availability of comprehensive and reliable transcripts facilitated effective treatment planning and seamless communication among medical teams.

Accuro’s commitment to excellence and continuous service improvement has resulted in consistently positive feedback from UHS. Since the most recent service review in June 2023, Accuro has received no negative feedback, demonstrating their dedication to meeting UHS’s transcription requirements.

The successful collaboration between Accuro and UHS stands as a testament to the transformative power of tailored transcription services in the healthcare industry.

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