Accuro Style Guide & Terminology

Accuro’s editing team will edit all of your work when you are new to an account. The editing team work on hundreds of files a day and try to send as much feedback as possible. This usually comes to you in short, succinct bullet points. 

A lot of the feedback is usually on formatting of documents, and general ‘style guide’ principles that Accuro stick to. 

Please read the below and keep this page handy for future reference. 

How to set out work

You will have a template with instructions on laying out and formatting the letter. This must be adhered to or Accuro may send work back to you.

We have a completed example for you here to compare against. Click the letter image or the button below, then click the download icon.

Once downloaded, open this from your downloads folder. Note: Open this in Adobe Acrobat (download by clicking here).

I can't hear or understand part of the audio

If you cannot hear, understand or are not 100% certain on a specific word(s) in a part of the audio, then do not type what you think it might be.

Ensure you type [Inaudible 00:00] in red font (Unless instructed otherwise) and replace the 00:00 with the timestamp correlating to the audio player.

There is more than one letter dictated

Sometimes, more than one letter is dictated. Unless otherwise stated on the template instructions, please hit Ctrl+Return on your keyboard to start a new page, and use the same formatting as you did for the first letter.

I'm unfamiliar with the terminology

Accuro offers a terminology guide which can be found by clicking the button below.

If you’re still really struggling with a specific discipline or account, please contact Accuro and we can ensure you don’t receive work from this client again.

Further FAQs and Feedback

Accuro’s editing team will edit all of your work when you are new, and on any new account that you work on. You will receive feedback if there are tweaks that had to be made during this process.

Once the editing team has determined that you’re getting them 99% accurate, you will be deemed ‘signed off’ on this account. Your work will then go directly back to the client unless you mark inaudibles or notes against the file in Accuro Express.

Once you’re signed off on accounts, Accuro will get in touch to discuss your rate to ensure you’re being paid to reflect this.

Common feedback

We’ve created a list of the most common feedback which stops transcribers from being deemed ‘signed off’ and increasing your rate. 

Medical words should be typed exactly as dictated, do not use your own abbreviations.

Measurements/dosages should be typed in abbreviated form and directly after the measurement e.g. 100mg not 100 mg or 100 milligrams. 

A full list of measurements can be found by clicking here.

Blood pressure should be typed as mmHg e.g. 120/80mmHg not “millimetres of mercury”.

Type out English words in full, e.g. don’t should be typed as do not, they’re as they are etc. 

Please add paragraphs as appropriate – authors don’t always dictate them so use your best judgement. Usually, you start a new paragraph when:

  • A new point is being made or discussion of a different topic.
  • To contrast information or ideas. 
  • When the reader needs to pause to digest information.
  • When ending the introduction, starting examination or data analysis, or starting the conclusion.

A lot of templates have text in red, with the first letter being in black. The template will tell you to type over this text, or delete it entirely.

This first letter in black also needs to be deleted or typed over, this is in black as transcribers were typing these sections in red and not making them black. 

For example, if no addressee name is dictated, remove the whole word ‘Name’ e.g.:



Dear N

Type AFTER the colon after Encs: if any enclosures are dictated. If no enclosures are dictated, remove this from your document.

Type AFTER the colon after CC: if any copies are to be sent to other people. If no CCs dictated, remove this from your document.

ALWAYS leave in Re: no matter what, even if no patient details are dictated.

If no patient details are dictated, simply remove everything after “Re:” – there is no need to note this on uploading back to Accuro, nor do you need to let us know.

Simply leaving in “Re:”  reminds the author to add in patient details.

You do not need to type “Letter” over “Letter Type” on your document. The format of the document makes it obvious that it is a letter. 

Only type a letter type if it is something specific e.g. Two Week Wait Referral, Urgent Referral etc.

e.g. haemothorax – not hemothorax.

Ensure you’re proofreading your work. Use Google or the terminology guide as above to check your spellings and that you’ve typed the correct words that are dictated. 

If you’re struggling with an account, a specific author or a speciality, contact Accuro.

Please use the modern date formatting e.g.:

5 November 2023 not “5th of November 2023”.

DOB should always be typed as 00/00/0000 in the Re: line, not with full stops or dashes. Always use slashes. 

Proofreading and editing speech recognition files requires this quite a lot. We’ve noticed that it doesn’t always put punctuation in the correct place so ensure this is being fixed. 

When typing, please ensure you’ve proofread your work and ensure that punctuation is in the correct place(s).