Worcestershire Royal Hospital NHS Foundation Trust – Case Study

Accuro supports Worcestershire Royal Hospital (WRH), a 500-bed trust serving more than 550,000 patients in the Worcestershire area.

WRH’s Procurement Director, Sanjeev Narwal, reached out to Accuro in November 2022 when they were alerted that WRH needed to procure outsourced transcription services to support the medicine department in clearing an ever-growing backlog. 

After a planning meeting to determine processes and best practice, Accuro was instructed to clear a backlog of 7600 minutes of dictation across the medicine directorate which consists of cardiology, gastroenterology, neurology, endocrinology and stroke disciplines.

WRH uses V7 Digital Dictation and Bluespier‘s Electronic Health Record system, software packages that Accuro has a vast amount of experience using for organisations in similar backlog situations.

Matthew Harrison, Business Development Director Matthew Harrison, Business Development Director

Accuro selected a number of transcribers with experience in the departments and software that WRH required, and worked to a strict SLA.

Within 14 days, Accuro had completed the 7600 minutes of dictation, allowing the Trust to achieve SLA requirements for clinical letters.

Since completing the backlog, Accuro has also begun work with the gynaecology department at WRH , following the same process.

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