Royal Holloway University

Teresa Peres - Royal Holloway University in collaboration with The University of Leeds

Teresa Peres, Research Fellow at the Royal Holloway University is working in collaboration with The University of Leeds began using Accuro’s speech-to-text transcription service for the Co-POWeR: Consortium on Practices for Wellbeing and Resilience in BAME Families and Communities project. 

Starting on 12 February 2021, Professer Iyiola Solanke embarked upon a project discussing COVID-19 and discrimination and how they are currently affecting BAME families and communities.  As part of the ongoing project, members of the BAME community have been interviewed and transcripts are required to help fully evaluate the discussions.

The project is set to run until 12 August 2022.

Your service is amazing!

Thank you so much, I can now use the 6 transcripts ahead of field work next week, which is a massive help!

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