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Typing jobs from home by Accuro

If you are considering working for yourself why not have a look at typing jobs from home?  You could be looking for typing jobs from home to fit a change in personal commitments, wanting an extra monthly income or simply want to become self-employed to maximise on your experience in a more flexible environment. Home based typists who take the leap to begin working from home find very quickly that they are saving on travel expenses, travel time, have less stress by becoming their own boss as well as having the freedom to choose their own working hours and customers.


What is transcription?

Transcription, and in particular transcription jobs from home, is the practice of listening to a recording (in a format such as mp3, wav, ds2, etc.) and typing exactly what is dictated. A person performing the transcription is often referred to as the transcriber, essentially a self-employed typist, working from home.

The recordings can be generated and then transcribed or typed for customers working within a range of industries, but predominantly medical professionals, lawyers, occupational health therapists, HR professionals, academics, insurance and property firms. Customers will all have different requirements but generally the work will involve typing letters, reports, forms or meeting minutes.  Most transcription companies will provide transcribers with customer templates, instructions and sample documents to help make their job that bit easier!


Why type from home for a transcription company?

Typing jobs from home can be a daunting prospect.  Most experienced typists will be experts in the field but may have no knowledge of how to become self-employed, tax issues and how to market their practice to build a customer base.  Transcription companies such as Accuro take away all these problems by providing an instant customer base and helping with invoicing and advice on what is required by HMRC.


Is Accuro hiring?

Yes! Accuro is always looking for talented people to join our UK based panel of transcribers.  Following a period of rapid growth Accuro’s customer base has expanded into new markets and as such we are on the lookout for talented typists.

Do I have the experience needed to become a home-based typist?

If you have recent experience as an audio typist then get in touch.  We value knowledge of technical terminology as our medical dictation in particular covers dozens of specific disciplines – you don’t want to mix up your neurology with your urology!  Accuro’s transcribers have gained experience through years of working in their specific sector and we work with transcribers who have enough evidenced experience or skills to ensure that they are up-to-date with current terminology and practices.  For instance, you may have completed a medical transcription course with AMSPAR, BSMSA, Udemy, etc.  or have worked in an online medical transcription job from home before for another UK based transcription service.


What are the different types of typing from home with Accuro?

Accuro is an outsourced typing company working on behalf of individuals, companies and institutions across the UK.  We work in the following sectors: –

The above list is not exhaustive, and we have regular customers from many professions. Whether your experience lies in single-voice, multi-voice, or even copy-typing, there is a typing job waiting for you at Accuro.

What are the benefits of becoming a home-based typist with Accuro?


You choose how much dictation you want to type, when you want to type it and how often you want to work for us. Many transcribers love this about Accuro as you don’t have to put in the dreaded holiday request and wait nervously for its approval. If you are a parent, then childcare during school holidays is no longer a problem.  Fancy a last minute long-weekend away somewhere? No problem.

Tailored customer base

No matter where your experience lies, we have a customer base for you. Our recruitment team and work-allocation team will go through your CV and assign customers that best reflect your skillset, whether that be nine years in a GP surgery, four years in family law or 12 years as a neurosurgeon’s personal secretary. We want all transcribers to benefit from working with us, and we work with you to match the most appropriate customers.  After all, typing what you know and enjoy makes it both fun and financially viable.


Who needs one client when you could have 30? As a national outsourcing company our customer base is much larger than if you were to set up your own personal service, meaning you will receive a variety of different customers to type for. You will build up a regular customer base whose work you will receive consistently, but you can also try different accounts as they come on board too. The more customers you type for the more work you receive and the more money you earn.


We have a dedicated transcriber management team whose goal is the improvement and wellbeing of all the transcribers on our panel. Whether you have a question about how to request work, how to lay out a certain document or just generally want to have a chat about working with us, somebody will be available to help!

As you begin typing, you will also receive regular feedback from our in-house editing team which will help you understand what a customer wants, and to answer any queries you have regarding terminology and our transcribers often end up learning something that helps them going forwards.

Our IT support team are also on hand to help you as much as possible with any software or computer problems you may encounter – after all, if your PC isn’t working, then how are you supposed to work with us?


What equipment do I need to become a home-based transcriber?



  • Transcription foot pedal (highly recommended so you aren’t having to use your mouse to pause, rewind etc).
  • A good quality set of headphones.
  • Mouse (much more efficient than the keypad on a laptop).


What do our transcribers say?

“It’s always a pleasure to transcribe for Accuro – we get such interesting clients, I’m never bored!”

– Accuro transcriber panel member August 2019 (via Twitter).


What next?

For more information, or to apply for typing jobs from home, please fill in the form on the ‘Transcribe For Us’ page by clicking here or clicking the button below.

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